Si estáis preparando un acontecimiento en el mar o en aguas continentales y precisáis colaboración y apoyo; contactad con nosotros, os ofrecemos:

Coordination at sea

Both with the organization and with the rest of the collaborators and/or security and emergency bodies.

Rescue support

And it also helps in signaling and beacons.

Guide of participants

Swimmers, boats, etc.

Transportation and transfer with boats

Judges, officials, press, health personnel, organization staff, etc.

We currently have 6 semi-rigid boats of various sizes and one jet ski, all of them fully documented and insured. All equipped with marine VHF communications.

We have communications material in both marine VHF and PMR, as well as public address equipment and various materials for the development of our activities.

As we advance in the training of our volunteers, we will offer you greater benefits.

If you are an ONG or non-profit association, we can offer you exchange of services of mutual interest; For example, we can repair and condition material that you regularly use in exchange for training for our volunteers.